Yahoo News Has An Ad Out That Includes The Line "Immigrants Endanger Us"

"Immigrants Endanger Us."

Yahoo News is under fire for running an advertisement that includes the line "Immigrants Endanger Us."

To promote its app, Yahoo News is running the ad with "Immigrants Enrich Us" and "Immigrants Endanger Us" on blue and red barbed-wire walls that intersect in the middle to create a purple space.

"See all sides," the ad states. "Get the app."

But many have taken issue with the ad on social media.

"Stop legitimizing 'sides' of an issue that are based in fear & bigotry rather than reality," one person said in response to the ad.

"There is no purple," another person said. "There is the truth and then there is preying on people’s fears."

A spokesperson for Yahoo News told BuzzFeed News that the ad is meant to "reflect the current state of our country, and the polarizing conversations taking place on a number of issues." The spokesperson added, "Yahoo News has a long history as a non-partisan news organization, with a mission to present divergent perspectives."

The ad is part of a larger campaign with various versions. People shared screenshots of other apparent ads in the series, including one where the blue of "Healthcare Is a Right" intersects with the red of "Healthcare Is a Privilege." Another includes the lines "Save the Environment" and "Stimulate the Environment."

It wasn't long until people started placing their own copy on blue and red partisan colors to mock the advertisement. In this one, "Don't Eat Glass Shards" intersects with "Glass Shards Are Probably Delicious."

Hey @YahooNews, do you need someone to help curate your app because I think I've got the hang of this.

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