This Student Emailed Her Teacher After Her Breakup And People Are All About It

"I'll shit on his lawn 4 u."

This is Rachel Harriman, a 19-year-old student at Ohio State University. The teen told BuzzFeed News that her boyfriend recently broke up with her.

Harriman said that following her breakup she turned in an assignment for her history class a few hours late. This was her excuse email:

Naturally, Harriman tweeted a screenshot of the email, and people rallied behind the teen.

They were ready to help.

@rachel_harry8 where does he live i am truly ready to post tf up

Another Rachel reached out.

And one person was impressed with her skills.

@rachel_harry8 This is gold Rachel!!. Can I hire you to start writing my emails to my Professors???

Harriman said that this was how her professor responded:

"I got a B+ on the assignment. He did not take off any points for it being late," she said.

Hang in there, Rach!

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