People Are Obsessed With How Glamorous This Sea Lion Looks In This Teen's Pic

A star.

This is 19-year-old Tyriq "Ty" Bagnerise. He lives in California.

"He was sniffing me and everything," he said. "He gave me a kiss when I took a selfie with it."

Ty shared a photo from the ~interaction.~ "I just took a pic with a seal boy," he tweeted.

I just took a pic with a seal boy🤘🏾

"The seal took a picture, you just in the background," this person responded.

the seal took a picture, you just in the background

"The Rihanna of Seal culture."

That seal is POSING. This is her debut. You might've got a picture with seal royalty. A seal pop star. The Rihanna…

@1800SADDAD @msvxl Yes sweetie Miss Seal came to SERVE a fresh out the ocean look. Whiskers clipped to perfection,…

Not only bad, but the BADDEST.

This seal know it's the baddest bitch out here

@GloBoyTy_ lmaoooooo why he feeling himself so hard I'm weak

@GloBoyTy_ That seal look like "yasss bxtch catch this highlight"💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾

This person recalled a less-friendly animal interaction. Remember, animals are wild and cannot be trusted.

@GloBoyTy_ You gone be the next victim from these dangerous beast

This person didn't even believe the sea lion was ~real.~ So, the teen shared some video evidence.

"Seals like pictures," this person said.

@SandsofJupiter @misssmichele Seals like pictures

"I actually gave one a glorious photoshoot."

@SandsofJupiter I actually gave one a glorious photoshoot

@GloBoyTy_ But did you take a nap with a seal?? Nah...

But mostly, people focused on the sea lion's ~aesthetic.~ "Look. At. This. Seal. Stunt."

Look. At. This. Seal. STUNT.