People Are Obsessed With How Glamorous This Sea Lion Looks In This Teen's Pic

A star.

This is 19-year-old Tyriq "Ty" Bagnerise. He lives in California.

Tyriq Bagnerise

The teen told BuzzFeed News that last Friday night he went to the beach with three friends.

While there, they saw a sea lion and chilled near it for about an hour. "It was really nice," Ty said.

"He was sniffing me and everything," he said. "He gave me a kiss when I took a selfie with it."

Tyriq Bagnerise

Ty shared a photo from the ~interaction.~ "I just took a pic with a seal boy," he tweeted.

I just took a pic with a seal boy🤘🏾

"The seal took a picture, you just in the background," this person responded.

the seal took a picture, you just in the background

"The Rihanna of Seal culture."

That seal is POSING. This is her debut. You might've got a picture with seal royalty. A seal pop star. The Rihanna…

@1800SADDAD @msvxl Yes sweetie Miss Seal came to SERVE a fresh out the ocean look. Whiskers clipped to perfection,…

Not only bad, but the BADDEST.

This seal know it's the baddest bitch out here

@GloBoyTy_ lmaoooooo why he feeling himself so hard I'm weak

@GloBoyTy_ That seal look like "yasss bxtch catch this highlight"💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾

This person recalled a less-friendly animal interaction. Remember, animals are wild and cannot be trusted.

@GloBoyTy_ You gone be the next victim from these dangerous beast

This person didn't even believe the sea lion was ~real.~ So, the teen shared some video evidence.

"Seals like pictures," this person said.

@SandsofJupiter @misssmichele Seals like pictures

"I actually gave one a glorious photoshoot."

@SandsofJupiter I actually gave one a glorious photoshoot

@GloBoyTy_ But did you take a nap with a seal?? Nah...

But mostly, people focused on the sea lion's ~aesthetic.~ "Look. At. This. Seal. Stunt."

Look. At. This. Seal. STUNT.


Tyriq Bagnerise



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