People Are Seriously Losing Their Shit After This Corgi's Best Friend Moved Away

Nugget's buddy, Bonkers, moved about a week ago.

This is Nugget. He is an 8-month-old corgi who lives in Georgia.

One of his humans, 22-year-old Miranda Wassinger, said that Nugget is a social butterfly.

"He tries to make friends with everyone, whether it's people or dogs, or even little frogs he sees outside — he just wants to be their friend," she told BuzzFeed News.

That said, there is one particular dog who Nugget loves the most: his neighbor dog Bonkers. "He's always had him in his life," she said of their friendship.

Wassinger and her husband are friends with Bonkers' humans, and she said that Bonkers is like a "big brother" to Nugget. "It's kind of like Bonkers is his family, and in a way, kind of his big brother," she said.

Every time Wassinger walked Nugget near Bonkers' home, he dragged her to his best friend's door.

Here’s when Bonkers still lived here :) nugget always loved to see him!

About a week ago, Bonkers moved away.

Every time we walk on the other side of our apt complex, nugget DRAGS me over to his friend Bonkers house bc he’s s…

"They just recently moved, like, a week ago," Wassinger said. "It hasn't been too long. Of course, Nugget doesn't know, and how do you tell a dog his friend's moved away?"

Wassinger posted a video of the corgi approaching what was once Bonkers' door.

"I don't know if he'll ever stop running to the neighbor's house, every time we walk by," she said. "But I keep telling him that we'll see him again soon, because we're good friends with his family."

People were absolutely not okay.

@ActionSebastian @KennCorrea @Twerktasticlou @cherrycutie same

@cherrycutie They have to have FaceTime dates. I can’t take this

@cherrycutie That's it bonkers has to come back there's no other choice 😤😪

@cherrycutie all I know is that the owners better move tf back

Wassinger wants people to know that Nugget is okay, considering that so many people responded to her tweet with concern about his loneliness.


For those commenting that this post made you sad, Nugget wants you to be happy and not worry because he will see hi…

PSA: Nugget has an Instagram.

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