This Dude Came Up With A "Hack" To Keep His Nuggets Warm And He May Have Changed Takeout Forever

"It's mind blowing how random people on Twitter can change my life this much."

"My name is Eric Cancino, I’m 27, I currently live in Seattle, Washington, and I can’t believe I’m doing this," this guy told BuzzFeed News over DM.

Eric Cancino

Why did BuzzFeed News reach out to this dude? Because he used his car's seat heater to keep his chicken nuggets warm, a move many people on the internet found to be truly innovative — even revolutionary.

@canceric / Via Twitter: @canceric

Cancino said his reasoning was pretty simple.

@canceric / Via Twitter: @canceric

"That’s where I normally put my food since I’m usually alone," he said. "I had bought this new car and was hyped on the heated seats, so it just made sense."

He added: "It’s really not that innovative, you guys."

Cancino said the hack ~actually~ worked and the nuggets were nice and warm when he got home.

@canceric / Via Twitter: @canceric

"The seats in my car get way too hot for any normal person’s ass," he added.

There was more than nuggets in the bag, he said.

"10 nuggs, 2 McChickens, a large fry, and hella buffalo sauce," he said. "I was hungry."

While Wendy's brand Twitter account was not impressed...

@Wendys / Via Twitter: @Wendys

...many others were.

@DGillcreseJr / Via Twitter: @DGillcreseJr

It seems like this tweet might have a lasting impact on many lives.

@Micah_Randall3 / Via Twitter: @Micah_Randall3

Others began experimenting with the innovation.

@ODS_Twatter / Via Twitter: @ODS_Twatter

One person told BuzzFeed News it "worked perfectly": "I placed my Chinese food in the passenger seat, turned the heat up for the seat, and when I got to work an hour later, the food was still warm ready to eat," J.P. Quito, who posted this video evidence, said.

@canceric Now I can thank you directly lmao!

Daniel Gray, a19-year-old from Maryland, told BuzzFeed News that he tried it with his Chipotle takeout.

@NikksCallmeDan / Via Twitter: @NikksCallmeDan

However, he wasn't able to honestly attest to the hack's success given that his drive with the meal was around 5 minutes long.

That's said, there's a chance he'll try it again.

"It’s a pretty solid idea," Gray said.

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