People Are Messaging Their Moms After Reading This Teen's Realization About Her Mom Being An "Angel"

"I sent my mom this and she immediately responded."

This is Amelia Holjencin. She's a 19-year-old sophomore at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Amelia Holjencin

Here's Amelia FaceTiming her mom one night during her first year at college.

Amelia Holjencin

Amelia said that on Tuesday she was having "a really hard day" and that she called her mom, Jeanmare, about it.

After speaking with her, the college student reminisced about a time when she had a more angst-filled relationship with her.

"My mom and I have always had a power struggle," Amelia told BuzzFeed News. "I just hated when she would tell me 'No.'"

The college student then tweeted about the reflection of her younger, 15-year-old self, and to her surprise, it went massively viral.

@AmeliaHoljencin / Via Twitter: @AmeliaHoljencin

In response to the tweet, some people were apparently @-ed and called out...

@dorawolfei2i / Via Twitter: @dorawolfei2i

One mom, Lisa Naill from Maryland, told BuzzFeed News that she tagged her 18-year-old daughter in response to the tweet. She said that her daughter is her best friend.

At least one "Baby Boo" was assured of forgiveness and love.

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Some demands were made.

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@sshineddreams / Via Twitter: @sshineddreams

One day...

@bolekaja1001 / Via Twitter: @bolekaja1001

Others said that they sent the tweet to their own moms.

@sierra_wind / Via Twitter: @sierra_wind

"It's so sweet," Amelia said of the interactions that were inspired by her spontaneously shared thought. She sent the tweet to her own mom on Wednesday.

@ShmupusMiss / Via Twitter: @ShmupusMiss

"I thought 'Oh gosh, we all know that I'm not an angel,'" Amelia's mom said of reading the tweet. Jeanmare said that her daughter's tweet made her emotional. "My eyes just filled with tears," she told BuzzFeed News.

For her, it was the best type of development. "To know that you're doing well, as a parent, there is no better news than that," she said.

She hopes that other moms are granted the same moment of affirmation. "I hope for every mother to get that affirmation one day—that they've done well."

@mackenzieprobz / Via Twitter: @mackenzieprobz

"No one will ever love you like your mom loves you," Amelia said definitively.

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