People Think This Teen's Memes Of His Girlfriend Are So Cute

"Cutest thread evah."

Meet Allyson Martinez, 16, and Luis Palacios, 17. They live in Texas and have been in a relationship for almost two years.

Luis has A LOT of photos of his girlfriend. "He always takes pictures of me and I get mad," Allyson told BuzzFeed News.

On Saturday morning she discovered this meme of herself on her timeline.

Luis told BuzzFeed News that he captioned and tweeted a bunch of photos of her while she was asleep. “I wanted her to wake up with a smile," he said.

Most of the captions described something that ~actually~ happened, he said.

So many. So, so many.

“I thought all of them were funny. The captions made me laugh," Allyson said. People were pretty in love with the whole thread.

How she be peeking at my phone when I'm on it

Via Twitter: @L_Palacios21

oh god i love this thread

This person called it "the most wholesome" thread she's ever seen.

this is the most wholesome thread ever

Others thought it was simply the cutest.

This is the cutest thread to ever exist

"Cutest thread evah."

Cutest thread evah

this thread is so cute and she is so prettyyyy

Youre doin it right, this is so cute

And this person memed Allyson too.

Love notes in 2017.

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