People Are Losing It Over Donald Trump's Taped Tie

"Elegance personified."

On Thursday, President-Elect Donald Trump arrived at the Indianapolis airport to visit the Carrier plant. During his ~windy~ arrival the back of his tie was ~revealed.~

Wait, what is THAT?

Is that...tape?

It looks like not ONE, but TWO pieces.

Did the next president use tape to hold his tie together?

Perhaps the narrow strip of silk did not reach the tie's built-in loop?

A Twitter user tweeted this apparent ~evidence~ and people. are. losing. it.

Donald Trump, the future president of the United States, scotch tapes the back of his tie to the front.

One person asked why he did not make use of a Trump tie clip.

@AdamSmith_usa He has his own brand of Trump tie clips but prefers scotch tape?... Must be very shitty merch.

Someone else speculated that Scotch tape was not going to be down with its apparent role in the narrative.

@AdamSmith_usa @annetdonahue Scotch tape has already issued a statement asking to be removed from the narrative

And this person didn't know where to begin.

@AdamSmith_usa there's so much wrong with him doing this I don't know where to start.

"Elegance personified."

@theonlyadult @AdamSmith_usa Elegance personified

Some people said that the tie commentary was petty AF.

@wackman3209 @LoLTies @AdamSmith_usa @DaveOshry so the man is tall and the tail of the tie dosnt reach. Is that it..all you libs got

"He can MAGA and make a tie error," another said, "it's ok."

@realChristophS @wackman3209 @AdamSmith_usa @DaveOshry no need to alter reality because it's Trump. He can MAGA & make a tie error, it's ok.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the president-elect for comment.

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