An Animal Lovingly Dubbed The "Brooklyn Cow" Got Loose In New York City And People Just Wanted It To Be Free Forever

"Breaking: Brooklyn cow tired of all your shit."

On Tuesday, a bull calf got loose in the great city of New York, a police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. A crowd gathered to watch authorities try to capture the animal in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Officers responded to the scene around 11:30 a.m.

LIVE: Cow on the loose in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Despite it actually being a young bull...

UPDATE: Officials confirm that the Brooklyn cow is, in fact, a bull

...the fleeing bovine was affectionately dubbed the "Brooklyn Cow," and people shared messages of solidarity and love.

COW UPDATE: The Brooklyn cow is not backing down

"Please save her."

The "Brooklyn Cow" became a symbol of strength and rebellion.

Breaking: Brooklyn cow tired of all your shit

Just caught word that a cow is on the loose and I want to announce that I support all those fleeing institutional oppression.

And people, of course, made jokes.

Anyone set the footage of the loose cow to "Bulls on Parade" yet? If not, here it is:

@AlexanderWatt @ABC7NY only in moo york!

@ABC7NY @AsheSchow It's brooklyn does the cow have a beard and a Ironic tee shirt

The bull is still on the loose in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and a massive crowd has formed

So many people want freedom for the "Brooklyn Cow."

Please let the Brooklyn cow go free. I'm really not in the mood for the inevitable "Well we killed the cow and turned it into meat!" story.

police are attempting to pen the cow in. man watching yelling "Black cows matter!"

People were on the edge of their seats.

Run! Let the the wind blow through your hair! Be free! #brooklyncow

But by Tuesday afternoon, officials had tranquilized the bull for capture, ending the dramatic bovine saga.

The NYPD said the bull would be transported to a facility in Long Island with assistance of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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