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This Teen Spent About A Month Making His Girlfriend A Scrapbook And Honestly It's So Pure

He has since recovered from the glue-gun burns.

Posted on July 24, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Meet 17-year-olds Justin Evans and Jamie Chaffer. They're from Texas. “We were best, best friends in middle school,” Justin told BuzzFeed News. The pair began to date during their sophomore year of high school.

Justin Evans

Since they've known each other for years, the pair have a ton of pics together. Justin spent about a month this summer making his girlfriend a scrapbook of them. "There's been situations where people break their phones and lose all their pictures," he said. "I thought, Why not make a book?

Justin Evans

"The hardest thing about it was keeping it a secret," he said. The pair see each other every day, so he had to craft ~late at night~.

Justin Evans

Justin said that making the scrapbook was a "long process."

Justin Evans

One night, he said, he went to bed fed up following multiple glue injuries. “That night, I think I got three glue-gun burns," he said. "I’m done. I’m hurt. I just left everything on the floor and went to sleep.” The burns have since healed.

Justin Evans

"Still Besties."

Justin Evans
Justin Evans

When Justin shared pics of his scrapbook — after asking Jamie's permission — people remarked on how the whole thing was pretty dang cute.

3 glue gun burns, 7 marker stains, 4 paper cuts, and still not enough pages to show how much i love you💚

@weekndsteph / Via Twitter: @weekndsteph

If a dude ever made me a scrap book with personal notes and did it all by hand I would have no choice but to marry…

There's something really sexy about a man who knows his way around a glue gun.

Nice to see some guys don't think they'll lose their "manhood" doing something nice for their girl

People couldn't handle the sweetness.

@justooo1 @jamieeelc My guy when he was making this scrapbook 😭❤️❣️

Most importantly, though, Jamie loved it. "It wasn’t any kind of special occasion, it was just random," she told BuzzFeed News — which to her, made the surprise even more great.

Justin Evans

She said that she looks at the scrapbook almost every day.

Justin Evans