This Doggo Joyously Crashed A Cross-Country Ski Race And People Are So In Love

"In the continuing adventures of good, good boys."

During a cross-country ski race at the World Cup on Sunday in Quebec City, the leading athletes were joined by a spirited competitor— who looked ~so excited~ to be a part of it.

A VERY GOOD DOG interrupted a cross-country skiing race over the weekend 🐶

I join this race now?

Yes, yes I do.

After saying hey to the guys...

The doggo retreated.

"It happens in cycling races, but I've never seen it in skiing," Alex Harvey, who came in second, told The Canadian Press. "It just makes the story even better because luckily no one crashed or got hurt."

People were pretty obsessed with the intrusion. "Dogs just wanna have fun!" said this person.

@NBCOlympics That's hysterical! Dogs just wanna have fun!

"Funniest thing I've ever seen in winter sports."

@NBCOlympics funniest thing I've ever seen in winter sports

Another good, good boy's adventure...


Who are you, mysterious pup?

Nasz Maniuś to jednak grzeczny psiak. Nigdy sobie na taką samowolkę nie pozwolił, choć podpuszczany był niejednokro…

Come forward for pets!

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