President Trump Put His Hands On A Glowing Orb In Saudi Arabia And People Made A Whole Lot Of Jokes


President Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia, his first stop on his first foreign trip. On Sunday, he gave a much-anticipated speech about Islam.

Also on Sunday, he attended the opening of the “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” with Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi and Saudi Arabia's King Salman.

Which featured this glowing globe, aka orb.

The leaders put their hands on it.

And people made a whole lot of jokes about the moment.

Fake Trump tweets were made.

There is always an old Trump tweet for literally every occasion. Incredible!

someone's got egg on their face

Wow, Trump just hasn't been the same since he touched that orb

Nope. No illuminati here.

oh you know, a bunch of plutocrats in a darkened room putting their hands on a glowing orb in a totally non-illumin…

So powerful.

tfw you and your friends unearth an ancient alien hell orb and combine your powers inside it to stop superman >>>>>

"When that dank orb hits."

This person brought up Harry Potter.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that politics really is Harry Potter

And someone else thought of The Lord of the Rings.

In fact, there were references to a whole load of films.

big deal some guys put their hands on a glowing orb it's not like they're going to get super powers oh my god this…

I like this one guy who got the warning not to look directly at the orb, lest his face melt like in Raiders of the…

There was also some spectacular photoshopping of the president's famous hair.

Cucks came up.

Red hat guy 2016: trump is going to own the globalist cucks! 2017: Trump in shadows holding a glowing power orb with saudi royal family

So did Alex Jones.

Imagine how conflicted Alex Jones is seeing an Illuminati Muslim orb ritual but featuring his favorite politician


Close your eyes. Now make a wish.

trump 100% made a wish when he touched the orb

Life comes at you fast.

Trump During the Campaign: "I will NEVER touch The Orb, even though its mysterious glow seduces and beguiles." Trum…

"Of course not."

Look, do I agree with the Orb's entire agenda? Of course not. But I do trust that the Orb has humanity's best interests at heart.

"ALL HAIL THE ORB," another person said.

And this person wanted to joke, but couldn't.

I want to make a joke about Orb but I'm pretty sure the existence of Orb means the time for joking has passed

You know shit's gotten weird when the actual Church of Satan has to issue a clarification.

For clarification, this is not a Satanic ritual.

We just don't know any more.

OK, not super important but still: what was the actual deal with the orb?

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