A McDonald's Cup Becomes Totally NSFW When You Change One Small Thing

"Spreading a little too much Christmas cheer."

So, umm, check no one is glancing at your screen right now and then take a look at this McDonald's cup...

So, umm, it totally looks like someone is spreading their buttcheeks open, right? Yep. It does.

Now how the hell are Starbucks cups in the news again and no one's talking about a guy spreading his cheeks open on… https://t.co/SCUJs5YCAO

It's certainly a McCafé cup, as you can see from this McDonald's tweet that shows the actual design featuring white mittens.

McCafé Peppermint Mocha…or as some call it, holiday perfection! Thanks @POPSUGARFood 😋 https://t.co/GvMUHDYR9y

But someone has taken a pen to the cup and now it looks, err, different.

The photo was going super viral on Twitter on Sunday, although it's not clear exactly who was the original pen pervert. The picture was uploaded to the website Rebrn two days ago and has since been shared on Reddit.

Some people saw so much ass they couldn't work out what the original image was supposed to be.

@SamSykesSwears whoa, that is exactly the first thing I saw. I can't unsee it. What is it supposed to be??

@ziyatong I can't even. What is this *supposed* to be?

Others were just happy to bask in the butt.

@SamSykesSwears can't handle how great this is 10/10

Over on Reddit, people dragged McDonald's coffee.

While some Twitter users just took the chance to make ~cheeky~ jokes.

Spreading a liiiiiittle too much Christmas cheer. ;)

@Klutar @AlexZiebart @SamSykesSwears gives a whole new meaning to I'm Lovin It

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