This Dad Made A Bunch Of Little Tables In Anticipation Of His Retirement And It's So Pure

"Living the dream."

Meet 29-year-old Rachel Millman and her dad Robert. They live in New York.

By making these.

His daughter posted about the recent retiree's work on Twitter and people seriously loved it.

my dad announced his retirement 5 days ago and he's already made 10 side tables with his new freedom

This person speculated about how the retiree anticipated the bliss.

i can just imagine him at his job all those years being like "when i retire imma make HECKA side tables"

"Living the dream," this person said.

And others just really appreciated the craftsman.

"Yaas dad! DO WHAT YOU LOVE."


Peak dad.

@rachelmillman This is it. The daddest of all dads.

"I think people like seeing others do what they love, no matter what the age," the daughter said on the response.

And the dad said that he's a fan of the attention. “It’s always nice to have your work appreciated,” he said. The retiree said that in addition to making and selling furniture with his new freedom, he also wants to engage in political activism.

LIVE IT UP, Millman.

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