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People Are Sharing The Most Adorable Pics Of Their Adopted Pets After This Teen Tweeted About Shelters

"Got my precious fur baby for $20 off of Craigslist and he's the greatest cat in the world."

Posted on July 20, 2017, at 5:17 p.m. ET

Meet 19-year-old Cheyenne Halsey. She's a veterinary assistant and college student from Dayton, Ohio.

Cheyenne Halsey

On Monday Cheyenne spoke up for ~what she believes in~ and it HAS GONE MASSIVELY VIRAL.

@cheyhalsey, @FinesseKKing / Via Twitter: @cheyhalsey Twitter: @FinesseKKing

"It was actually really a surprise, the amount of people that knew absolutely nothing about adoption," the teen told BuzzFeed News. "They were so surprised you could get a dog for $60.”

She was also stunned and overwhelmed that her tweet went so viral. "I just kind of freaked out at first," she said.

The tweet ignited a debate about the best method of acquiring pets.

@TownsendMyers25 / Via Twitter: @TownsendMyers25

@TownsendMyers25 @abbyohlson_ @cheyhalsey @malloryeline Can he sit on command?? Not always. Retrieve 2 yards? No. B…

My dog is a $2000 dog from a breeder and just cause she's a breeder dog doesn't mean she deserves less love.

@sheikahfairy @angelpkmn @AbreezyHodges @cheyhalsey @koehlerapril_ I'm just wondering no one yell at me GO ADOPTION…

And apparently inspired someone to look into adoption.

@cheyhalsey If y’all know of a shelter with that low of an adoption fee, Pls direct me that way

But MOSTLY Cheyenne's tweet inspired a ton of people to share some really great pics. Like this one of a blissed-out pup with a "plum-colored nose" rocking some pink flowers.

@Betty0Spaghetti / Via Twitter: @Betty0Spaghetti

Or this pic (Cheyenne's favorite so far) of a dog wearing a flower crown.

@twerktastic_ / Via Twitter: @twerktastic_
@MikeBeGettinIt / Via Twitter: @MikeBeGettinIt


@paitinjillian / Via Twitter: @paitinjillian

There were pics of small dogs.

@KaelynMaurer / Via Twitter: @KaelynMaurer

And big dogs.

@_shelbypell / Via Twitter: @_shelbypell

“I still scroll through just to see the dogs,” Cheyenne said.

@raddish__ / Via Twitter: @raddish__

Look at these two.

@heartinacoma / Via Twitter: @heartinacoma


@carrin_mat / Via Twitter: @carrin_mat

Oh, and cats!

@mahonesbellamy / Via Twitter: @mahonesbellamy
@laceyyl0u / Via Twitter: @laceyyl0u

@hypedmoon @laceyyl0u @cheyhalsey Got my precious fur baby for $20 off of Craigslist and he's the greatest cat in t…

Look at these ones with lopsided ears.

@ElainaCorbin / Via Twitter: @ElainaCorbin


@jmtomato / Via Twitter: @jmtomato

Like Cheyenne, this person seemed to appreciate the pics.

@twerktastic_ @cheyhalsey I have tears in my eyes from all these beautiful rescue pup pics! 😍😭❤️

I mean, look at this "goofy lil meatball."

@_EmilyLucas / Via Twitter: @_EmilyLucas
@odetolany / Via Twitter: @odetolany


@HarleighRoberts / Via Twitter: @HarleighRoberts

I leave you with this "chicken nugget."

@Queersta / Via Twitter: @Queersta