People Are Laughing About What This College Student Texted His Girlfriend While She Was In The Shower

There's ~sexy~ relationships, then there are relationships like this one.

Sarah Cintron and Juan Ramos are both 19-year-old students at the University of Texas at El Paso. "We have been together for 10 months and it’s honestly been awesome," Ramos told BuzzFeed News. "She makes me feel really special, she’s beautiful, and I love her to death."

On Wednesday, Cintron texted her boyfriend, telling him that she was showering (she has an IPhone X). "Oh nice," he responded, before he sent her a request...

"Send me a picture of your hair up in a giant spike lol," he said.

"She had sent a picture with her hair like that before and I thought it was so funny, so I asked her again just to get a good laugh and to make her laugh as well," Ramos said.

"You gotta make your girl laugh every day," he added.

People were crying, laughing, and overall overjoyed by the text.

@sarahmcintron @deniizzers The casual lol at the end has me crying

One person misread it.

@sarahmcintron @valentinavoight I thought it said.. “send noodles” lmao

Cintron said she tweeted a screenshot of the text exchange while she was still in the shower. She said it was "too funny and too random to not share."

@sarahmcintron I’m so sad that is so pure

One person responded with their own hair spike photo.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to follow through with the request as her "shampoo doesn’t lather like that anymore," and so she couldn't form a soapy spike. ":(" she said, after breaking the news to her boyfriend.

Here's a look at the hair spike she once sent to him, without context.


It's her profile pic now on Twitter.

"My favorite responses were people telling us they love us, that they want us to get married," the teen said of what people are saying about the text.

"It’s really funny how invested they are," she said.

@sarahmcintron @spinalmocha777 hope it'll last forever

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