These High School Sweethearts Were Reunited After More Than 60 Years And Their Love Story Is Too Much

They had their first date in 1952.

Meet high school sweethearts Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman.

Joyce Kevorkian

After they graduated in 1953, they went off to different colleges. They married other people and had children.

Other than high school reunions and the infrequent phone call, they didn't really keep in touch.

"He had his life and I had my life," Kevorkian told BuzzFeed News. "He probably called me four times over the last 60 years."

Then, in the fall of last year, Kevorkian received a letter from her high school sweetheart. She responded, saying that she wanted to see him.

In December, Bowman drove about five hours to see her in South Bend, Indiana, and they had their first date since the 1950s.

"It was just like being 17 again," Kevorkian said.

“We found we liked each other as much as we liked each other when we were 17," she said. "We laughed at the same jokes.”

Anna Harris

The couple at their prom, and the couple now.

The pair, both widowed, did not expect to remarry. "I don’t think either of us thought we would be truly happy again," she said.

But on the first of April, the high school sweethearts tied the knot— 64 years after they went to prom. "We thought that was a good day for two old fools to get married," Kevorkian said.

Anna Harris

Anna Harris, Kevorkian's granddaughter, was the maid of honor at the wedding. She said that when her grandmother first told her about her revived romance, "[she] could hear her smile over the phone."

Anna Harris

"She was all giggly again," the granddaughter said.

My grandma is marrying her prom date today... they found each other 64 years after they went to prom & fell in love…

For the newlyweds, things are supremely peachy. "It makes me feel young again," said Kevorkian. "It makes him feel young again."

Anna Harris

"It makes you feel revived," she said. "It’s wonderful.”

Anna Harris



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