This Tween Wrote An Incredibly Heartfelt Essay About His Older Sister And People Are So Touched

"So pure."

This is Juliana Gant with her 12-year-old brother, Evan. Around two months ago, Juliana came out to him.

"Evan thought I was lying to him when I came out to him and he had a lot of questions to ask," Juliana told BuzzFeed News.

On Tuesday, Evan was told to write an essay in his English class. "They could write about whatever they wanted, it just had to be a debatable topic," Juliana said. Here's what he wrote:

Have you ever thought about gay rights? Gay rights are important, because they are like every other person in the world. It doesn't matter if you like the same gender, as long as you are still you.

It doesn't matter about what people say, it's about what you think and say. I know someone that I care for so much and they are gay. I still think of her as a friend, someone that cares for me.

My sister is still a normal person, not some alien creature. She is a human being just like all of us. I still get mad at her sometimes, but that doesn't change the way I think of her. I love my sister how she is.

I could care less if she is gay or straight. I only care that she is my sister and I love her for who she is. Just because they like the same gender doesn't all the sudden make them different. I love my sister for who she is.

The tween sent his older sister a photo of the essay after he wrote it. Juliana shared it on Twitter and people found it incredibly heartwarming.

My 12 year old brother wrote this about me in his 6th grade English class. I am in tears.

"SO PURE," responded one person.

There were a lot of ~claps.~


And happy hearts.

@juleeessssssss I have a little brother who's 13, this makes my heart happy.

"I felt really touched," said Juliana. "It was extremely heartwarming because he has never actually talked about it with me or told me what he thinks about it or how he feels about it."


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