This Student Warned A Stranger About What She Thought Was A Bad Romantic Situation And People Are Into It

"Tell me if you want me to fight him," she messaged. "I'll be here a while."

This is Rebekah Pendley. She's a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Last week, Pendley saw a man she thought was the boyfriend of Jasmine Rios — a woman she follows on Twitter— with another chick in the university's library.

Here's Rios, 18, with her 21-year-old boyfriend Isiah Williamson.

Despite only knowing Rios through Twitter, Pendley DM'd her with some warning and photographic evidence. Before doing so, Pendley said, she first consulted with a group text to make sure that reaching out was the right decision. "It’s just the right thing to do," she added, of her choice to contact her fellow student.

"Tell me if you want me to fight him," she told Rios. "I'll be here a while."

But it turns out, this stranger's boyfriend has an identical twin.

Rios shared their conversation on Twitter, and thanked Pendley. "Thanks for having my back though girl [fist emoji]."

So my boyfriend has a identical twin brother and someone thought my boyfriend was cheating on me but it was really…

So, how do the twins Isiah and Aaron Williamson feel about what happened? Isiah — pictured on the right in the below photo — said people on campus mix them up all the time, but not like this. He called Pendley's DM "funny" and "unexpected." Aaron said that he and his girlfriend burst out laughing in the library after Rios texted them about what went down.

While some people weren't as impressed with the gesture from Pendley...

@JasmineRios5 @x__Genie_ Maaan mind y’all business lmao

...a whole lot of other people were.

If you're not here for me like Rebekah was there for Jasmine then I don't need you in my life.

The tweet inspired some ~dialogue~.

Another person mentioned a possible "plot twist."

@JasmineRios5 Plot twist... It actually is her boyfriend and he’s cheating on her with his brothers girlfriend

Someone else shared an experience of trying out the same thing, which apparently went less successfully.

@JasmineRios5 throwback to when I tried to keep girl code that one time smh y’all females wild bruh ;/

A bunch of people also recommended that the two women begin a friendship.

@JasmineRios5 y’all are basically strangers and she’s down to help you, BEFRIEND HER, these are the kind of people we need in our lives

@JasmineRios5 @allisonelainexx I hope that girl became your best friend

The students have plans to hang out when they are both back on campus after the holiday break.

@JasmineRios5 We all need a Rebekah

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