People Are Mourning The Death Of Steely Dan Cofounder Walter Becker

"Thanks for the music, bud."

Walter Becker of Steely Dan died on Sunday at the age of 67.

The guitarist's death was announced on his website.

After new broke that Becker had died, people began to mourn the musician. This person called Becker's death a "massive loss to music."

@TwitterMoments Massive loss to music. One of my all time greats


Walter Becker from Steely Dan has apparently left us. Gutted. One half of one of the greatest bands ever.

@TwitterMoments OMG, no, no, no. Tell me this is not true. My musical world is turned upside down. There will NEV…

The Mountain Goats tweeted that Steely Dan "changed the way I understand music forever."

Steely Dan changed the way I understand music forever; I started writing songs under the name "the Mountain Goats" the same month 1/2

Some people turned to song...

Are you reelin' in the years Stowing' away the time Are you gatherin' up the tears Have you had enough of mine…

@TwitterMoments 🎶🎶😏😖🎶oh my Deacon Blues

And a whole lot of people thanked the musician for his art.

Walter Becker, RIP. Thanks for decades of great music. Helluva soundtrack to a lot of good times.

RIP Walter Becker. A tremendous bass player, guitarist and one half of the duo that gave us one of the great debut…

Really sad to hear Walter Becker has passed... Steely Dan music touched me deep. My desert Island music. RIP Walter. Condolences Donald..

In a letter, Becker's bandmate Donald Fagen remembered him as "an excellent guitarist and a great songwriter" and vowed to keep their music alive.

NEW: Walter Becker of Steely Dan passes away at 67; bandmate Donald Fagen remembers him as “an excellent guitarist…

"Thanks for the music, bud."

Thanks for the music, bud 🎸✌️ #WalterBecker #SteelyDan

Damn. RIP Walter Becker. Def dropping some Steely Dan today.

Lots of people will be listening to Steely Dan this Sunday.

@TwitterMoments Boppin' the Dan all day out of respect!

@AlanHunterMTV Wow. So sad. Love Steely Dan. Gotta enjoy my Sunday morning with a Steely Dan Playlist in remembrence.

Are you reelin' in the years...

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