Here Are The Hilarious Things People Said On Cyber Monday

RIP health, productivity, and savings.

It's Cyber Monday, and people are ~officially~ freaking out about the retail holiday.

Those who missed out on Black Friday were excited.

When you miss all the Black Friday sales and then realize there's still Cyber Monday sales

And many people, like this Amazon Prime account holder, said the day was awful for productivity.

How am I supposed to get anything done when It's cyber Monday and I have an Amazon prime account???

Or this bed-confined shopper.

#CyberMonday is a legitimate excuse to stay in bed all day right? Ok great just checking.

This professor even allowed students to shop in class.

My professor just told us to keep Cyber Monday shopping during class because "the deals on Amazon are just too good, I understand"

People overall said today is cancelled.

Today is cyber Monday that's like a national holiday that I need off

Those who couldn't participate were distraught.

When you're getting so many #CyberMonday e-mails but are a broke student and loans don't hit until January:

*gets hundreds of emails about cyber Monday

So I want to go cyber Monday shopping. But I'm BROKE from Black Friday and idk how I'm supposed to eat these next 2 weeks.

And some looked for solutions.

okay since it's cyber monday who wants to be my sugar daddy?

who trynna be my sugar daddy on this fine cyber Monday morning 👅👅

However, not everyone was impressed with the holiday. "These Cyber Monday deals are blowing my mind," this person sarcastically remarked.

These #CyberMonday deals are blowing my mind.

"WIIIIIILD," another said of this 15-cent price reduction.

And this person thought Cyber Monday was going to be a lot ~sexier~.

you don't know how upset i was when i l learned cyber monday didn't mean everyone was gonna sext me all day

People are also sick AF of all the spam.

cyber monday is the one day of the year i wake up to sixteen emails about soap

Happy #CyberMonday or ask I like to call it 24 hour email onslaught.

But mostly, people mourned their bank accounts.

Checking your account balance on #CyberMonday

Even turning to scripture for guidance.

I SEE that I'm broke on my bank account. But the Lord told me to walk by faith and not by sight so I'm participating in Cyber Monday.

RIP savings.


And well-being.

Me tryna calculate how many meals I need to skip this week to buy this jacket for #CyberMonday

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