People Are So Touched By This Dad And Daughter Wearing Helmets In Solidarity With Their Family's Littlest Member

"Helmet babies are the absolute cutest."

Meet Gary and Shayna Gutierrez. They live in San Antonio, Texas with their two kids: 3-year-old Camila and 4-month-old Jonas. Gary told BuzzFeed News that on Wednesday, little Jonas received a head-shaping helmet that he'll have to wear for 3 to 6 months.

Here's Jonas at his helmet fitting.


On Saturday, Jonas's older sister Camila put on a helmet to match her little brother, and then the dad joined in too.

When writer Shea Serrano, Gary's cousin, tweeted a photo that Shayna took of the family chilling in their headgear, people were so touched.

my cousin's baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he's got the whole family wearing helmets now this is the realest s…

"We had no idea that he had done it," the dad said of the tweet.

It made this person happy.

@SheaSerrano Ok, as someone who grew up having multiple reconstructive surgeries and head shaping, this pic right h…

@SheaSerrano @K7K2tog Forget real, that's REAL ADORABLE. 💖💖💖

And people shared MORE pics of helmet-wearing babies.

@SheaSerrano @rashadalaiyan Helmet babies are the absolute cutest.

@SheaSerrano @BrandenHarvey Helmet babies are the best babies.

One person seemed inspired by the family solidarity.

@SheaSerrano @BerkleyNowlin we should do this for baby Luke!!! 💖

The dad said that Saturdays — the only day the family spends all together — will most likely be helmet days going forward. "I think it will be a normal Saturday routine for our family," he said.

What a lucky little brother!

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