People Are Defending Groupon After This Woman Said She'd Walk Out Of A Groupon Date

"Y'all not gonna disrespect Groupon on my TL. Not today."

Meet Tiffany Nunn. She's a 25-year-old from New York.

On Tuesday, she said that she'd leave a date if a guy used Groupon.

If a dude uses Groupon on our date, I will kindly walk out.

People rushed to defend the coupon service. This person said that Groupon has fun and cheap things to do.

Groupon has all the deals and fun things to do for cheap you buggin lol.

Lots of people thought that using Groupon implies fiscal responsibility.

A man who uses Groupon on dates is a man who spends money...wisely. Like, I don't understand the problem...

When a guy use Groupon on our date Me:

Someone else brought up that it's not just about the discounts, but the ideas.

Groupon not only gives you discounts.. it gives you dope date ideas...

I mean would you go parasailing otherwise?

Groupon have you trying shit you never thought you would. "Babe you wanna go parasailing this weekend?"

Or on a helicopter ride?

Y'all are simple. You mean to tell me a man takes you on a helicopter ride for a date and you're going to complain because he used Groupon?

This person added that it showcased the person's ~spontaneity.~

@GorgeousNotBadd so saving money and still being spontaneous is a bad thing?

Someone else argued that if it was on the first date, then maybe a Groupon isn't the best move.

@Mcthinkalot @julisaisrad okay but first date, that's the date when he should try to impress

This person imagined how anti-Groupon people eat.

Those anti groupon & red lobster people that dine alone #Groupon

And OMG, the whole debate even appeared to facilitate a ~love connection.~

For so many people, the whole issue with Groupon did not make sense.

Rejecting a date because someone is using Groupon is like buying a pair of nice shoes, but since it's 50% off, now…

Not. Today.

y'all not gonna disrespect Groupon on my TL. not today.

Nunn said that she's never used Groupon on a date and that the tweet was a joke. "I have nothing against Groupon or people who use Groupon," she added.

But, despite the outcry, she said that she "probably won't" become a Groupon user.

"It's not my thing," she said. "It's an unpopular opinion."

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