People Love How This Guide Dog Led His Owner Into A Pet Store Called "Cool Dog Gear"

"He is mad loyal to her otherwise," Michele Sykora said of her sister's guide dog, Thai.

Meet sisters Danielle, 20, (on the left) and Michele Sykora, 22, and last but not least, Danielle's guide dog, Thai.

Sure enough, the dog did. Michele shared footage of the brief but beautiful moment and her own muffled laughter on Twitter.

My sisters guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing 😂😍 I love dogs, man

"The first time it ever happened, my dad was with my sister and he just wandered right in," Michele said. "It was the first time he did it." That time, Michele wasn't there.

"The next time we went to that mall, I was with them and my dad secretly said to me, 'Last time we were here Thai brought himself into the pet store; let’s see if he does it again,'" she said.

"So I just wanted to record it to see if it happened, and of course it did."

From the very beginning, Thai has been mischievous, his owner told BuzzFeed News. A week after she got him, Danielle said, he jumped fully onto a cake.

She said that sometimes Thai goes wherever he wants. “Sometimes he shows me places that he just likes,” Danielle said. “He’ll show me Starbucks, because he knows I like to go to Starbucks, and he’ll show me the pet store, because treats are fun.”

Danielle said that Thai has received treats at Starbucks as well. “He’s had a puppuccino, like, three times in his life, but he’s always hopeful he’ll get another one,” she said.

In response to Thai's “Cool Dog Gear” excursion, people shared their own stories of dogs up to no good.

@michelesykora My service dog does silly things like this sometimes! He fakes alerts so he can get treats 🙄

“Lyric always tries to walk me to the park,” someone else responded, calling the moment “classic guide dog behaviour.”

@worried_mind @michelesykora Haha classic guide dog behaviour! Lyric always tries to walk me to the park

Another person was disappointed that Michele revealed Thai's maneuver. “Let him be great,” he instructed.

@michelesykora Why you putting his business out there like that? Let him be great lol

One person called Thai “legendary.”

@michelesykora @freyachew what a legendary dog

In conclusion:

@michelesykora Good boy doing good boy things


@michelesykora he deserves a little something for being such a good boy

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