This Grandmother Sends Her Granddaughter Daily Selfies And Omg

"I love you from my front room!"

This is Sierra Sessions with her grandmother, Linda Merrill, who her family calls "Grams" and "G." They live in Utah.

Sessions told BuzzFeed News that she and her grandma have "always been close."

Her grandmother began using an IPhone around two years ago and since, the pair have exchanged selfies "damn near every day," Sessions said.

"She makes me laugh. The pictures make my day," the granddaughter said.

"I love you from Einstein Bagels."

"I love you from my front room!"


After Sessions tweeted evidence of their regular interaction, everybody lost it.

My grandma sends me these every day. She is the purest thing on the earth and we have to protect her at all costs.

This person had an emotional response.

@seesesh @AGoldmund I teared up for real this is so pure thank you

Someone else called it "super super cute."

@seesesh @__Dutch super super cute & she got the eyebrows tattooed! Come through granny!

And others were simply about it.

Grams is a fan of the attention. "She is loving it. She calls herself 'internet sensation' now," Sessions said.


Grandma thanks everyone for the kind words! She says "well geez I've just been giggling all day!"

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