Glenn Beck Is Now Countersuing Tomi Lahren And Citing A Number Of Issues

The falling out was not caused by Lahren's statement on The View, the lawsuit says.

On Monday, Glenn Beck and The Blaze countersued Tomi Lahren in a Dallas court.

The response follows Lahren's own lawsuit, which was filed on April 7.

.@ABC Nightline EXCLUSIVE: @TomiLahren speaks out on her lawsuit against @theblaze: “I'm deeply hurt by what has ha…

“To my former employer, I would just say: Let me go,” she said in her first appearance after suing. “I’m deeply hurt by what has happened. I’m disappointed in what has happened. But if this is the way that it is, let’s just part ways — cleanly. I just want work and have the freedom to put my voice out there.”

Lahren's lawyer, also on Monday, reportedly filed in court for termination of Lahren's contract with The Blaze.

Lahren did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment, but she did tweet late Monday that she is going to "just smile."

I'm gonna take the advice of @Wale and just smile. 😊💯

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