People Offered This College Student A Ton Of Wedding Hashtag Ideas After He Lamented His Last Name

"I wanna apologize now to my future wife."

Meet Steven Kleinschmidt. Kleinschmidt is a 21-year-old college student at Lipscomb University in Nashville. Kleinschmidt told BuzzFeed News that he studies mechanical engineering.

On Friday, a Twitter user named @gracerandles expressed a HUGE fear on Twitter and Kleinschmidt responded to it.

what if my future husbands last name doesn't make a cute pun for our wedding hashtag...... like this is the stuff that keeps me up at night

Kleinschmidt apologized to his future wife for having the last name Kleinschmidt. He said he knows his last name is not exactly ideal for a wedding hashtag, he told BuzzFeed News. His tweet went massively viral.

Someone has already accepted the guy's apology.

@StevenMK30 It's fine, I forgive you

And others said that they are faced with a similar predicament.

@StevenMK30 It's okay. My last name is Vongkhamchanh.

But MOSTLY people responded with potential wedding hashtags.

@StevenMK30 #DoingitforKleinschmidtsandgiggles #KicksTricksandKleinschmidts or my personal favorite, #Wearetakingherlastname

@StevenMK30 Incorrect #readytogetschmidty

@StevenMK30 @brynndelaney Your wedding hashtag could me #Kleinschmidt2Mineschmidt

@StevenMK30 "love is patient, love is Kleinschmidt" #loveiskleinschmidt

@StevenMK30 @hailsjmc "I'm klein(a) schmidten over you" Anything can be turned into a pun

@StevenMK30 @RYEPiE17 #foundonewhocankleinschmidt

@StevenMK30 Kleinschmidt change is real icebergs are melting at alarming rates

@StevenMK30 @typicaltessg i replied my ideas to help dude out 😂 "weinthiskleinschmidt" "itsklein-lit" Dec. wedding? "merryschmidtmas"

@brittadu_ @StevenMK30 @typicaltessg I said #gettingschmidty

@StevenMK30 #tilltheendofKlein #imSchmidtten #shesallKlein. Use ur imagination, Steven.

@StevenMK30 #gettinghitchedtokleinschmidt. Done ✅

"It's been very entertaining," Steven said of all of the hashtag ideas. He found that the most useful suggestions involved puns of "smitten." "Everything else was clever but nothing you'd ever really use for a wedding hashtag," he said.

@StevenMK30 Kleinshmidt-ten with you....get it? Smitten? Ha ha I'm funny

@StevenMK30 IT is for threads like this one that I love twitter #Kleinschmidtten4life

Some people suggested that Kleinschmidt was destined to meet the future ~Kleinschmidt~ in the replies...

@StevenMK30 you're gonna meet your future wife in the replies to this tweet


@StevenMK30 If you don't find your future wife in this thread I'm gonna be so upset 😭😭

@StevenMK30 Everyone is worried about you finding your future wife in this thread, if you need someone I gotchu

Kleinschmidt, who's single, said that a "few people" have slid into his DMs. However, no formal dates have been made — YET.

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