Gabrielle Union Clapped Back At People Who Asked Her This Question


On Saturday, actress Gabrielle Union mentioned that people often ask her what she will cook for her husband, Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade, after he does something "impressive."

"Husband does something impressive folks ask me what I cooked for him that day," Union wrote on Twitter. "Curious if people ask him what he made for me when I do cool stuff."

Husband does something impressive folks ask me what I cooked 4 him that day. Curious if ppl ask him what he made for me when I do cool stuff

Union wrote the tweet two days after her husband scored 20 points to lead the Bulls to victory of the San Antonio Spurs.

Her tweet was subsequently shared thousands of times.

And in came the replies... People really felt where Union was coming from.

And lots of people applauded the actress for pointing out the sexist double standard.

Some then pointed out other double standards in society...

@itsgabrielleu word. Middleage guy in front of me @Starbucks told female barista 2 smile. I said, when's the last time u told a guy 2 smile? well as gendered biases that they have noticed.

@itsgabrielleu Yup-Folks assume the home office is my husband's & not mine. Gender bias & stereotypes r like project roaches- hard 2 kill.

@itsgabrielleu husband surprised me with a new laptop last night, one of my friends basically demanded that he gets a blow job 😒

But not everyone agreed with Union. "Normal question," this person responded. "My husband cooks but this is not offensive."

@itsgabrielleu Normal question. Nothing to make a stank over. My husband cooks but this is not offensive. Different strokes for diff folks.

"He made you a wife," one person wrote.

But most people expressed approval and encouragement of Union's stance. "Drag all of them," tweeted one person.

@itsgabrielleu @ales_kot draaaaaaaag all of them

And some even offered some ~advice~ for how to properly respond to the question in the future.