This Woman Flipped Off Trump During His First Presidential Speech

"She is me and I am her."

During Donald J. Trump's first speech as president, many members of the crowd held up their middle fingers.

A lot of middle fingers just being held up here. Some sitting in protest during Trump's speech.

— including this woman in a purple parka.

Lots of middle fingers up in the air during Trump's speech

The anonymous protester protested with not one, but TWO middle fingers.

Many people called this unknown woman and her double middle fingers a hero.

@marygeorgant that lady is the hero we needed for today.

And a role model.

@marygeorgant @MadiLAlexander i want to be her when i grow up

Others responded with lyrics from the Beyoncé song Sorry.

Middle. Fingers. Up. Put 'em. Hands. High. Wave it. In his. Face. Tellem. Boy. Bye.

@marygeorgant @EndTrumpsLies 🎶 Put it in his face. Tell him, boy bye! 🎶

One person argued that she was "more qualified" for the office than Trump.

@marygeorgant she's already more qualified for presidency than trump

Other people related hard to the action.

And these people said that they loved her.

@marygeorgant @BuzzFeedNews I love this woman in purple.

Who are you, woman in purple?

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