This Woman Wrote The Most Beautiful Set Of Directions For Her Pet Sitter And People Are Dying Laughing

"Don't you Hate her cause you Ain't her!"

This is Elaine Diaz with her 3-year-old Pomeranian, Pepper. They live in Fresno, California. Diaz told BuzzFeed News that she treats Pepper "like a child."

Some facts about Pepper: She loves cucumbers, and is shy around strangers.

Diaz is on vacation for four days, so her 20-year-old nephew Tommy Rios is watching Pepper.

"It’s my first time leaving her with my nephew Tommy and that’s what was so nerve-racking for me," Diaz said.

My aunt is having me house sit and watch her dog and omg she's too much lol

People are PRETTY obsessed with how Diaz told Tommy to care for Pepper, aka "the most beautiful girl in the world."


Don't hate her 'cause you ain't her!

A lot of people approved of the list, considering that Pepper OBVIOUSLY deserves the best.

@TommyRivers pepper is a queen and should be treated as such

@TommyRivers @dog_rates That's a hell of a list but I'm pretty sure Pepper's worth it.

@TommyRivers To be fair she does look like an excellent dog.

And others related to it.

@TommyRivers @dog_rates @tarablagg why is this me with sweetie pie

@amanda_swenski @TommyRivers Hahahahah me rn

People became pretty invested in Pepper's well-being and, like Tommy's aunt, wanted updates.

@TommyRivers where is Pepper tonight we must know if she's ok

And photographic evidence.

@TommyRivers @hotfattygirl Please send a picture of Pepper holding a newspaper with today's date immediately for proof of life. 😂

It seems like Tommy is trying his best to make Pepper happy. “I have to give her belly rubs and everything and she just loves it," he said.

But Tommy has NOT followed through with the daily photo schedule. "He’s going to get in trouble for that," Diaz laughed. "He didn’t quite do it every day.”

@TommyRivers update us on pepper every day. it's been 24 hours since this post hurry.

Both Tommy and Diaz said they're shocked that his post went so viral. Diaz called her list's popularity "so funny."

As for Pepper, here she is, after viral fame, posing in her PJs.

Update: you made her really happy and now she's going to bed lol

You better respect the queen!

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