People Are Freaking Out Over These Clips Of Kid's Unbridled Joy About Going To See "Black Panther"

"After a very long adult day at work, I’d like to thank each of you for putting a huge smile on my face," one person said in response to the joyous footage.

On Friday, students at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta found out that they're going to see Black Panther together. Ron Clark, a fifth-grade teacher and the school's cofounder, filmed the surprise, and it's a moment of absolute joy— in the video, students scream, clap, jump up and down, and hug each other.

The moment all of our students found out we are all going to see #blackpanther together!

Clark, 46, told BuzzFeed News that the school wants students "to feel close to their heritage": “Every year we have a kid do a DNA test and there’s a big reveal of their ancestry," he said.

Clips from the event have since been shared thousands of times. So many people have responded to the footage, saying that watching the joyous, surprised kids warmed their hearts.

@WadeKing7 @chadwickboseman @ronclarkacademy Truthfully I just love seeing happy kids. No matter what's happening a…

The video was the perfect antidote for adults with their adult situations.

@WadeKing7 @NstntVntage @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman After a very long adult day at work, I’d like to thank ea…

People especially loved this clip of the subsequent dance party.

The students just found out we are all going to see BLACK PANTHER! We will have a day of cultural classes, African…

Clark said that the moment was as insanely joyous as it looked. “To have the kids be so happy and to have that much joy in the room…every person was smiling as big as you could possibly smile," he said.

For Clark, the students' responses are proof of the movie's importance. “The reactions showed just how important representation is to people," Clark said.

"It’s an important moment in cinematic history, having an all-black cast. So much media is dominated by white actors," he said. "To see a blockbuster movie with an all-black cast… It’s a source of pride and excitement for them.”

The students' reactions were a source of excitement for others, too. "Biiiiiiiig mood," one person responded, circling one student, with red.

@WadeKing7 @Four_Pins @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman Biiiiiiiig mood.

GIFs were made.

@Ashley_Geneva @clivenyakudzi @WadeKing7 @Four_Pins @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman

@WadeKing7 @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman

@WadeKing7 @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman

Another person declared the video "the cutest thing on the internet."

@WadeKing7 @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman This is the cutest thing on the internet today.

"We letting kids stand on top of chairs and desks in school now?" someone asked, to which the director of curriculum and instruction at the school responded: "We do."

@dpham717 @ronclarkacademy @chadwickboseman We do.

Clark said that students will be preparing academically before seeing the film.

“Each kid got a book that we made ourselves, about Black Panther and other literature, so they can prepare for the next two weeks," he said.

The Marvel movie hits theaters on Feb. 16.

Enjoy the movie, kids!

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