People's Cold And Sad Winter Hearts Have Been Warmed By This Dude's Romantic Gesture

sMOOth move.

This is Madison, a 21-year-old from North Dakota with her boyfriend, Jordan Nitschke. The two North Dakotans have dated for roughly two and a half years. Right now, Jordan is working on the "family farm," Madison told BuzzFeed News, while she finishes up her last few years of college.


"The long distance is tough, but worth it," she said.

Even though Jordan is on a farm working with cows instead of being close to Madison, the 23-year-old still lets his girlfriend know he's always thinking of her. This past week, he decided to use his cows for a gesture of romance.

Jordan Nitschke

"I thought it would be cool to see if I could get a good picture of a heart to send to Madison," he told BuzzFeed News.

Achieving the perfect heart photo using cows took some effort, and Jordan said that he "tried a couple times the week before, just to find the right hillside."

Jordan Nitschke

He eventually found that perfect hillside on Friday morning. Around 250 cows made up the final heart photo, Jordan said.

Jordan Nitschke

The cows were not confused by the eating arrangement, and were happy to play along.

Find yourself a guy who purposely feeds his cows in the shape of a heart just to send to you ❤️

"They just follow whatever line I make with the feedwagon every morning," Jordan said.

"I was really surprised he managed to get it to look so nice and felt really lucky to have someone that took so much time to do that just for me!" Madison said of her reaction to the photo, which she even sent to her friends.


"Find yourself a guy who purposely feeds his cows in the shape of a heart just to send to you," Madison wrote on Twitter of the cow heart.

"I do think it's the most romantic gesture Jordan has done for me, but each one, no matter how small, is still special!" Madison said.

Oh, to be in love!