This Woman Says She Was Sent An Unsolicited Dick Pic And People Are So Confused By The Guy's Explanation

Wait, what?


After publication, BuzzFeed News was notified Haberman took credit for a tweet that was posted several days before her own. The original poster appears to be @Britni113. Haberman has since made her account private and did not respond to questions from this reporter.

This is Grace Haberman. She's a 20-year-old from Seattle.

To the dick she replied: "Um?"

The guy blamed his decision on...her accessory.

Haberman posted the convo on Twitter and everyone was confused.

Wait, what?

@waddupgrace You had a choker on so I thought you'd like a dick pic.

So, a choker means someone wants unsolicited peen pics?

@waddupgrace @BtSquared2 wait...what? a choker means you want unsolicited peen pics?

"Where is the logic?"

@waddupgrace @LUClDITY "You had a choker on" WHOMST?! WHERE IS THE LOGIC¿

Someone provided a helpful graph.

What universe?

In what universe some wearing a choker mean anything

No fallacy here.

@waddupgrace "You had a choker on so I sent you my dick" .... good logic

This person seemed to find the argument totally sound.

@waddupgrace @ItsMsCoCo The choker does give a mixes signal lol

But lots of people did NOT. "Bbiiiiittttccccchhhhhh.. it means she likes accessories not ya pencil dick."

"You had a choker on in your avi" Bbiiiiittttccccchhhhhh.. it means she likes accessories not ya pencil dick 🤦🏻‍…

"The response from the internet has been extremely shocking to me," Haberman said. "I didn't think it would get the attention that it did. I was most surprised at the amount of guys who agreed with the logic behind it."

"Ohhhh damn you had on a choker I'm sorry!"

I literally hate you 😂 @ChocolateBear65

"It's a piece of jewelry," Haberman said "not a sign to send unwanted pictures to me."

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