People Are Saying That Chelsea Clinton Is Never Going To Happen After She Was Honored By This Magazine

"Uh, fetch isn't going to happen."

Chelsea Clinton is an honoree for Variety's "Power of Women New York."

How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover? Read her great interview with @RaminSetoodeh i…

There's been confusion about the choice, with some pointing out that Chelsea Clinton's career to date consists of working at a consulting firm, a hedge fund, and then NBC — which didn't go that well.

More recently she's worked for her dad's foundation and stumped for her mom's presidential campaign, which also didn't go that well.

The interview with Clinton, published on Tuesday, discusses what she has done, including working for the Clinton Foundation.

"How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?" an editor from Variety wrote on Twitter about the issue.

A lot of people responded to the question. "Not cool. Like, at all."

@Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh Not cool. Like, at all.

Hey kids, recycling is cool.... TO THE EXTREME

@Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh OMG SO COOOOL

Hey, fellow youths. Doesn't this hep, young go-getter look especially snazzy in their leather jacket?

And this person joked about the attention.

ME: lots of people exist LIBERAL MEDIA: not true, only Chelsea Clinton does

People had their own questions.

@Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh What precisely has this woman accomplished. Ever?


Can we have one stretch of time where we don't have a Clinton front and center of something?

And many suggested that she was on the cover because of her ~name~.

An empire in total decline can sell unaccomplished nepotism as "cool" to it's people......

"Stop trying to invent royal families."

@Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh The US is a republic. Stop trying to invent royal families.

The Power of your dad being president in the 90's

getting to become a political icon because you happen to have the right last name is antithetical to progressive id…

This person agreed with the criticism, but also said that Clinton looked good.

Everyone's making fun of that Chelsea Variety cover, and yes I agree people need to get over the Clintons, but know what? She looks good!

But a lot of people essentially said..."enough."

@Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh She's accomplished nothing. Quit trying to spin it. #NoMoreClintons!

"Please," this person began.

Please stop trying to make this happen


slit my throat and drain me like a pig, take my pulse to make sure i'm dead

Not going to happen.

No matter how hard you try, Chelsea isn't going to happen. Y'all investing WAY too much in her.

Just like fetch.

@RepRepublic @Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh Uh, fetch isn't going to happen. Neither is Chelsea Clinton. Stop try…

@ArmyofKek @Variety_Claudia @RaminSetoodeh Chelsea is never going to happen

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