This Blind Dog Was Found After She Was Missing For A Week And People Are Incredibly Emotional

"The guy who carried that tired pupper back to her family is a real hero. 10/10."

Meet Sage. She is very good, very blind, and for seven days she was very missing.

Sage was lost in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. "The area’s pretty hilly and pretty dense forest," her mom, Beth Cole, told BuzzFeed News. She said that her family searched frantically for Sage in their rural neighborhood, with no luck.

"It was getting to the point that I thought if we did find her, we’d find her dead," Cole said.

Cole's neighbor, Dan Estrada, was on a hike with a friend when he spotted the missing doggo.

“When I saw her I was bummed," Estrada told BuzzFeed News. "I was like, aw man, it’s Sage."

He assumed that Sage was dead.

Not the case! “I jumped in the stream, made my way to her, and right then, she lifted up her head," Estrada said. "I hugged her and kissed her."

Sage was too weak to walk, so Estrada carried her to safety.

"I was totally speechless and so happy," said Cole on Sage's return home. The vet even told her that Sage is fine.

Sage's safety made a whole lot of people emotional.

This person was grateful for some happy news.

@KTLA @darth Yay! Thank you for some happy news! ❤️️

And another person called Estrada a "real hero."

@KTLA the guy who carried that tired pupper back to her family is a real hero. 10/10.

Estrada maintains that he's not a hero. “I was not searching for this dog. I’m not the hero of the hour, the hero of the mountain," he said. "This is God giving them a gift."