This Woman Had $15,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery To Look Better In Her Selfies

"Your social media presence is just as important as your real-life presence," she told ABC News.

Reality TV producer Triana Lavey was a big fan of taking selfies, and would use photo-editing apps like Perfect365 to make herself look flawless.

But Lavey constantly felt self-conscious about how she looked in pictures, and decided to take the next step in her search for the perfect selfie: plastic surgery.

While looking at her face in photos or while Skyping, Lavey would often find herself staring at what she felt were imperfect features, like her chin or nose.

The semifinalist on Last Comic Standing visited Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen to talk about a chin implant, but he recommended she also get additional procedures, like fat grafting and a nose job.

“To me, plastic surgery should be a last-ditch effort,” she said. “After you have worked out, after you've good discipline in your diet and exercise then you go to surgery.”

Although she had the surgery two years ago, Lavey told ABC News that she has since had corrective surgery on her nose, more fat-grafting, and Botox.

And she finally got to put up what she called the "quintessential profile shot."

The now-38-year-old said the surgery wasn't just an ego boost, but a way to enhance promoting herself on social media.

Do you think she looks more selfie-ready?