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Craziest Super Bowl Ad You Didn't See Involves A Lawyer Out For Revenge

And he has a sledgehammer on fire.

Posted on February 3, 2014, at 11:12 a.m. ET

Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino treated Savannah, Ga., residents to a special two-minute commercial/movie trailer during the Super Bowl's first commercial break.

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In a gruff voiceover, Casino said he was once employed as a criminal defense lawyer, "employed by some of the most cold-hearted villains."

Then his brother, Michael, was shot and killed on Labor Day in 2012.

"At some point a man must ask why God created him," he says, right before a badass metal song kicks up.

That's when he finds a sledgehammer.

No more Mr. Nice Lawyer.

He has an epiphany while he's mourning his brother in church.

It's time for vengeance, bitches.

"I'm attorney Jamie Casino. And I don't represent villains anymore."

Mic drop.

h/t Deadspin

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