The Picture Of A Gold Toilet Is Not From The Ukrainian President's Mansion

The photo is a hoax and has been on the web for years.

A gaudy gold toilet is making the rounds online purported to be owned by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, but the photo has been on the internet for at least two years.

Ridiculous toilet at Yanukovych's palace #euromaidan #Kiev

The gold toilet is known online as the "lion king meme," according to

The toilet would not be out of place at the property, though, which protestors discovered today houses a personal zoo and a yacht, among other luxuries.

Mashable's Jim Roberts tweeted the toilet photo, then apologized when it came out that it was a hoax.

Folks. I goofed. Please don’t be tempted by the too-good-to be true toilet photo. It’s not from #Yanukovych estate.

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