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"My Vagina Says" Project Met With Misogynist Response On Chinese Social Media

"May I ask who is prepared to marry these feminists?" one commenter asked.

Posted on November 19, 2013, at 12:24 p.m. ET

College students at China's Beijing Foreign Studies University didn't anticipate the explosive reaction they would cause when they decided to post pictures of themselves holding up signs describing what their vaginas would say if they could talk.

To promote an upcoming performance of The Vagina Monologues, the photos were posted on Nov. 7 to a website students use called Renren, according to Foreign Policy.

"We want to talk about our vagina, to rediscover the power within our bodies and spirit," the students wrote.

The photos apparently made their way to other social networking sites, including Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

It didn't take long for male users to begin criticizing the participants' attractiveness and morals. The project "generated thousands of comments -- most evincing an ugly strain of misogyny," Foreign Policy reported.

"If no one told me they are from BFSU, I would think they are whores," one wrote.

"What are we teaching in our schools? Are they the future of our country? They are a bunch of sluts. I feel so much pain for how far the Chinese civilization has fallen," another said.

"May I ask who is prepared to marry these feminists?" someone else asked.

The photo series, which was translated by, follows:

My vagina says: I’ll let whoever I want inside.

My vagina says: Don’t treat me like a sensitive word!


My vagina says: Don’t disturb unless you are sincere.

My vagina says: Please don’t use love as an excuse…

My vagina says: She wants to be heard; to be seen; to be recognized!

My vagina says: I want freedom.


My vagina says: Virginity is bullshit!

My vagina says: Desires happiness without definition or restraint.

My vagina says: Shameful/embarrassed, stop it!!

My vagina says: I can be coquettish but you cannot harass.


My vagina says: Understand myself, education is very important.

My vagina says: I want, I really want!

My vagina says: She only listens to me!

My vagina says: I want respect!