"Good Day New York" Anchor Greg Kelly Spends Segment Hitting On Reporter In Bikini

"First of all, nice bathing suit."

During a segment about a new water park in New Jersey, FOX reporter Anna Gilligan was brave enough to report on a new zip-line while wearing a bikini.

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But throughout the entire segment, Good Day New York anchor Greg Kelly continuously made remarks about Gilligan's body, while she tried to stay professional.

As the reporter took off her dress and got ready to ride the zip-line on-camera, he exclaimed, "In a two-piece! Like a movie!"

After Gilligan got out of the water and started reporting, Kelly remarked, "First of all, nice bathing suit." Co-anchor Rosanna Scotto scolded him, saying, "Stay appropriate."

"Anna you look great and you handed that beautifully, I'm just trying to keep Greg in check," Scotto said.

When Gilligan tries to sign off and says that she should go put some clothes on, Kelly, the son of former NYPD police chief Ray Kelly, responds, "Not so fast!"

The anchor then tries to stall the reporter from getting dressed, as the shot swivels toward the pool and away from the still barely-dressed reporter.

Scotto punches Kelly on the arm and says, "Be nice!" and tells him to "stop milking the shot" as he tries to stall Gilligan from leaving by asking her mundane questions, like how long it'll take her to dry off.

"Hold on a second, now, not so fast, Anna. Let's, um, let's see. This is in, uh, New Jersey, right?" he says.

When co-anchor Scotto asks Kelly, "What is wrong with you?" Kelly replies, "Oh, relax." He then exclaims, "Don't be so frowning at me!"

Rape allegations were brought against Kelly in 2012 by New York resident Maria Di Toro.

The district attorney declined to pursue charges against Kelly, and Di Toro's name was publicized by the New York Post, which at the time shared a parent company with Kelly's employer Fox, 5.

Di Toro recently spoke about the ordeal to BuzzFeed for the first time.

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