Ghost In Ohio Students' Basement Turns Out To Be A Real Live Human

Those mysterious bumps and creaks in the night? It's just Jeremy.

Chelsea Spears, The Lantern / Via

Strange occurrences kept happening in an off-campus home rented by some very brave Ohio State students, who would joke that their house was haunted when the microwave and oven were unexplainably left open.

When the guys decided to quash the poltergeist legend by going exploring in their basement, they discovered something potentially more terrifying: A locked door with strange noises coming from behind it.

After maintenance workers knocked the door down, they told school paper The Lantern that they discovered a room with human-type items such as textbooks and framed photos.

But the items didn't belong to a human who died in that room and remained in afterlife limbo forever haunting their fixer-upper and microwaving Hot Pockets. Their "ghost" was actually a fellow student at Ohio State named Jeremy who had been living in the home's basement unbeknownst to the renters.

The Lantern / Via

Jeremy's actual human belongings

Housemate Brett Mugglin recognized the man in the photos as someone he had run into once before in the basement.

"He was like, 'Oh I was wondering when I was going to get to meet the people who live here,'" Mugglin said.

The locks were changed and human née spirit Jeremy vanished -- after they let him clear out his things.

"He was a really nice guy," Mugglin said. "I feel bad for him."

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