Apple's New Pro iMac Is The Most Powerful Computer It's Ever Made

The new Pro iMac is a computing beast.

At WWDC, its annual developer conference, Apple has announced a brand new desktop aimed at the pro market — meaning the graphic designers and video editors of the world who need serious computing power. It’s called the iMac Pro and it’s the most powerful computer the company has ever made, says Apple. The company had said that it had "big plans for the iMac" in April.

The monster, which Apple says will put “workstation class performance in a 5K iMac design” will ship with an 8-core Xeon processor and will go all the way up to 18 cores. It will also be powered by a discrete AMD Radeon Vega graphics processor.

There's a bunch of other specs that Apple showed off onstage, but all you need to know is that this monster will be capable of delivering up to 22 teraflops of half precision computation — powerful enough for things like real-time 3D rendering, immersive VR, and machine learning development.

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The iMac Pro, which will be available in space gray, will be available in December for $4,999.

In addition to showing off the iMac Pro, Apple also announced updates to its entire Mac line. All Apple desktops and laptops will now use Intel's latest Kaby Lake CPUs, they'll support faster hard drives and GPUs, and they're now slightly cheaper than they were before.