Asian Americans Have Been Protesting Violence Against Their Community For Months

Across the US, protests have called attention to hate incidents against Asian Americans, fueled in part by racist responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the pandemic was declared, thousands of Asian Americans in the US have been victims of hate incidents. On Tuesday, six Asian women were killed in shootings at spas near Atlanta. Activists have protested against these acts of violence and racism for several months now. These photos from these protests speak to the pain within the Asian American community.

An Asian American man wears a mask that reads "Hate is a virus"
A girl wearing a face mask holds a sign saying "love us like you love our food and culture"
Hundreds of people gather in Seattle's Chinatown to protest; in the background, a sign reads "AAPI against hate"
Three people walk by a mural of Bruce Lee with signs that read "hate is a virus" and "stop Asian hate"
Two women in masks hold signs reading "end the violence against Asians" and "racism is a virus" at a protest
A man holds a sign reading "Asians are not viruses, Racism is" while a woman holds a sign reading "stop Asian hate, attacking Asian elderlies makes you a weak loser"
A protester holds a placard that reads "end the violence against Asians" in front of the Washington Square Arch surrounded by snow on the ground
People kneel at an altar for victims of anti-Asian violence
a woman holds a sign that reads "We Belong Here, Stop Asian hate"
Two women in front of a large crowd hold signs reading "stop Asian hate" and "I am not your scapegoat" at a rally
Two women hold a sign reading "We are not your scapegoat"
A man stands in his restaurant with unopened boxes of plates and fortune cookies
A woman holds a hand high in the air and carries a sign reading "My grandparents did not come here and work their asses off for this"
A subway sign shows illustrations of two Asian women with flowers and reads "I did not make you sick"
A woman standing with her back to the camera holds a sign with the words "Model Minority" crossed out
A demonstrator holding a sign for "black & asian solidarity" in a crowd near a person waving a flag with a picture of the Earth
A mother holds a sign reading "Stop Asian Hate" while her son's sign reads "Stop Racism! We are NOT a virus!"
A sign shows a stencil of an older man with the hashtag "#JusticeForVicha"
Family members wear face masks and hold signs that read "Stop Racist Violence"
A protester wearing gloves, a jacket, scarf, and face mask holds a placard that reads "justice for Jennifer Christian Vicha Ee Lee Noel" during a demonstration
A man holds a cardboard sign that features a series of hashtags, including "humanity matters," "stand for Asians" and "diversity matters"
A woman holds two heart-shaped balloons that read "stop the hate" and "love each other"

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