10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This past week, we started Women's History Month, and the weather became tantalizingly warm in the Northeast US for a few brief moments.

DC-based photographer Richard Williams photographed four generations of his family and asked them what Black History Month meant to them in the midst of the pandemic. We also had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Meister, a longtime curator in the Museum of Modern Art’s photography department and soon-to-be executive director at Aperture, about the specific images that made her career.

As Biden promises more vaccines for the US, Nicola Muirhead uses disinfectants on photographs to "reveal" the unseen virus. Rachel Bujalski's poignant images show how some mothers in California, the state with the largest homeless population, are still struggling with housing insecurity after the pandemic knocked them off their feet. Will Matsuda profiled Chanell Stone, who reframes nature photography with empty lots in Oakland.

For those still in the chill of winter, Farah Al Qasimi offers up an endearing inside look at the global popularity of a particular soft fuzzy blanket. Don't miss Keith Seaman's drive-by photographic process which involves shooting out the window of a moving vehicle and stitching the images together. We also looked at a man who feeds and cares for abandoned cats in the Fukushima nuclear zone, and the previously unseen photographs of photography master Elliott Erwitt, and Dia Mrad's photography of Beirut's architecture after the blast.

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"Black History Month During a Pandemic, Told Through the Eyes of One Family" — BuzzFeed News

A woman holding her son close in a field of dry grass with electrical towers in the background

"The Man Who Saves Forgotten Cats in Fukushima's Nuclear Zone" — Reuters

A man lies on a futon under a blanket with a cat

"Keith Seaman's "Drivebys" Are Moving Panoramas" — American Photography

"The 10 Photographs That Shaped This MoMA Curator’s Career" — BuzzFeed News

Two young girls at the waters edge examining something one of them is holding

"The California Mothers Fighting for a Home in a Pandemic" — The Guardian

"A Photographer Uses Disinfectants to ‘Reveal’ the Unseen Virus" — The Washington Post

"Housing Projects and Empty Lots. How Chanell Stone Is Reframing Nature Photography." — NPR

"‘Like a Warm Hug From an Angel’" — The New York Times

"Found, Not Lost: Elliott Erwitt" — Magnum Photos

"Can This Photographer Save Beirut’s Architectural Treasures?" — Vanity Fair

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