These Kids At The Polls Have No Idea They're Part Of History

These kids at the polls will bring some levity (hope?!) to a stressful Election Day.

Every election is special, and you always remember your first time voting. This year will stand out in memory for myriad reasons — a pandemic, historic records of early voting, masks at the polls, and a hotly contested election across a country that feels split in two.

The kids who go along with their parents — for a civics lesson or just because there is nowhere else for them to go — are getting a glimpse at history at the polling stations as their family members vote this election day.

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Child covers his face as his mom votes
Baby stands near parent's feet as they vote.
Mother and daughter showing off their I Voted stickers.
Boy in soccer gear next to his father as he cotes
Woman with her back to the camera voting as her son peeks around her legs.
Family huddles around ballot at a voting location.
child lies at parents feet while they vote
Girl with doll waiting for her father to vote.
Young girl in pink jacket showing off her shirt.
Man pointing and mother holding her baby at a polling place.
Young girl with ponytail helping her father vote.
Boy with plastic glove on the floor of a polling place.
Mother and two children at a polling station.