Can You Guess Which Of These Companies Are The Most Climate Friendly?

How you choose to spend your cash and time will help shape our planet’s future.

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At a huge meeting in Paris this month, world leaders had their chance to save the planet from climate chaos. Now it's your turn. Your consumer choices can make a difference — but only if you know which companies are doing a good job of limiting their greenhouse gas emissions.

Buzzfeed News obtained data from the environmental accounting firm Trucost, which calculates emissions throughout companies' supply chains, summarizing their performance in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per million dollars in revenue. This allows different-sized companies to be compared fairly, and also rewards commercial success — an airline that flies with empty seats, for example, will perform worse than a more successful competitor.

We've picked two or three big companies for each product or service, and awarded them a gold, silver, or bronze rating based on Trucost's numbers for 2014.

See if you can pick the gold medalists.

Want to know more about companies’ greenhouse gas emissions?

Check out the CDP.

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