Nigel Farage Says Trump's Muslim Policy "Makes Even Me Wince"

The UKIP leader travelled to the Republic National Convention and insisted, "I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if you paid me.”


Nigel Farage poses with admirers in Cleveland.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage fought to limit immigration in Britain but says Donald Trump's policies go too far even for him.

“I’ve been called over the top once or twice, but I think some of Donald Trump’s comments are pretty out there," he said at an event at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland hosted by the McClatchy Company.

Farage did offer some light praise for Trump, but criticized the Republican nominee's promise to ban Muslim immigrants.

"He’s trying to get some big messages out there, some big wedge issues, trying to reach voters who feel frustrated, perhaps a little bit scared," said Farage.

"I get what he’s doing, but occasionally the style makes even me wince a little bit."

Farage said he has never met Trump and was attending the RNC because he was invited by McClatchy.

He declined to endorse either Trump or Hillary Clinton, saying that politicians should not tell foreign voters how to think.

The UKIP leader said Barack Obama's opposition to Brexit was a case in point.

"I shall always be eternally grateful to Obama because he came to our country, he was rude to us, he told us what we should do, and he lead to a big Brexit bounce of several points," said Farage.

While Farage did not officially endorse Trump, he did say Clinton was arrogant: "I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if you paid me.”