There's A New Dating For Black People And People Are Concerned


Smoochr is a new dating app catering to black people that allows users to filter potential dates by hair type and skin tone.

"Some of us have skin tone preferences, so you can search black singles by complexion," the site explains in its About section. Many feel the site encourages colorism by making it okay to favor certain black attributes over others.

Here’s a breakdown of why some want to #ShutDownSmoochr:

1. The website completely excludes the LGBTQ community.

2. The description of skin tones might remind you of a Starbucks menu.

3. They didn't put "good hair" as an option, but they might as well have.

4. They compare lip size to "soup coolers" and "duck lips," which is just problematic for so many reasons.

5. There is also a section where you can describe your body type.

6. And lastly, there is a section where you choose your character, and many people feel this section is rooted in black stereotypes that have been perpetuated for years.

In the wake of the release of the site, there’s been a hashtag movement to #ShutDownSmoochr

Dismayed to see an app that promotes colorism and somehw makes dating even more superficial than other apps have managed to #shutdownsmoochr

Twitter / Via Twitter: @NYCDan_

My #smoochr name bout to be NappyNChocolateWithAWeave or CocoaProtectiveStyle 😂😂😂

Twitter / Via Twitter: @blackgurltech

smoochr described in one pic... #shutdownsmoochr

Twitter / Via Twitter: @freauxgurlfresh

I thought Smoochr was fake, but the colorism and texture discrimination is VERY real. See for yourself. #ShutdownSmoochr

Twitter / Via Twitter: @BeamerDoesMedia

Smoochr is another instance of what happens when capitalism and internalized racism meet each other. #shutdownsmoochr

Twitter / Via Twitter: @thehenman_12

BuzzFeed has reached out to Smoochr founder Larry Kenebrew Jr. for comment.

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