This Tracker Will Help You Never Lose Your Stuff Again

The Tile Slim is an ultra-thin tracker that can fit anywhere a credit card can.

I was an hour late to a dentist appointment, when I realized I had spent too many damn lifetime minutes looking for my keys.

Tile Slim, a thin, wallet-friendly tracker, is the company's newest product.

It's lighter (9.3 grams), thinner (2.4 millimeters, or about two credit cards stacked), but has a larger surface area (about 1.5 times larger than the original Tile, diagonally).

There are three major differences between Tile Slim and Tile.

I was finally able to put my wallet's inaccessibly tight front pocket to use.

The same goes for my backpack's side pocket, which fits basically NOTHING.

My favorite use case, however, is being able to track the whereabouts of my bullet journal.

The Tile Slim is a great option for those who have been looking for slightly different tracker form factor.

It's great for chunky wallets, passports, notebooks, and weird backpack pockets. If you prefer a money clip, however, you probably shouldn't get the Tile Slim. It's still a little too thick for wallet minimalists.

The Tile Slim is also slightly quieter than the second-generation original Tile at 82 decibels (vs. 90) but still audible when buried at the bottom of your laundry basket.

Tile Slim isn't game-changing — but it is helping the company stay ahead of competitors by offering more tracking in more places.

Trackr already offers a wallet version of its product, but it's almost twice as thick as the Tile Slim.

And, unlike Trackr, the battery in Tile products can't be removed or replaced, which means that users must recycle or "reTile" them after one year. Customers can sign up for the reTile program to trade their old Tiles for new Tiles at a discount. The Tile Slim will be eligible for reTile at $21, compared to the original $30 price.

Ultimately, if you're a Tile user, you'll benefit from more Tiles in more places. I personally have never used the Tile community to locate a missing item, but do get "You just helped someone find a lost Tile" notifications almost every day. So, YOU'RE WELCOME, whoever keeps losing their stuff at Market and 6th.

In addition to the new product, Tile is also announcing the launch of what it calls Smart Location Platform, which allows manufacturers to incorporate its location-tracking technology directly into their products.

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