This Is What People Really Think Of 15 Famous Scientists, According To Google Search

Apparently, a lot of people want to bone David Attenborough.

1. The only thing that's true on this list is Time Lord. Bill Nye is a Time Lord.

2. Carl Sagan is in hell, obviously.

3. Haters gonna hate.

4. At least everybody loves Hadfield.

5. Well that would be the biggest plot twist ever.

6. Go get him ladies (and fellows)!

7. Depressing.

8. Oh dear.

9. Judging by this picture, I'd wager "no" to the last question.

10. Nobody knows who any female scientists are.


12. Hopefully the last one is not her greatest claim to fame.

13. Stephen Hawking is terrified of NOTHING.

14. Obviously.

15. Sorry ladies, he's been dead for over a century.

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